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Nuestra historia

When NextCollaboration started more than 8 years ago, a group of technology experts (Freelancers) joined with legal and fiscal advisors in order to see how to improve the professional life of Freelancers and the task of companies which contract them. Those experts had suffered from multiple professional problems as Freelance but also as contracting Company. The most common problems were: the reliable cash-in in projects, the ongoing contract management, the search for new projects, to stay prepared and trained but also the problems on the other side as sudden resource changes, low expertise of new resources, Visa problems, and many more.
In consequence, those experts decided to create NextCollaboration in order to help the real experts to enter in interesting projects and to simplify their daily professional life, and to make it easier for companies to get real and reliable experts into their most strategic projects.

A new way of collaboration was born

Today, Nextcollaboration manages a Talentpool of more than 2500 technological experts. The obvious specialisation in certain technologies and business applications allows NextCollaboration to select the real expert talent and to guaranty the highest level of expertise and experience. All talent is rated during the engagement, which gives a clear guidance for reliability and performance.

NextCollaboration offices 

NextCollaboration operates currently offices in Ireland (Dublin) and Spain (Madrid and Barcelona). More offices are planned for Germany and Switzerland.

NextCollaboration vision

Our vision is, to make the collaboration between Freelancers and Companies reliable and consistent. That means specially for Freelancers, to assure their employability and make them true micro companies and for contractor companies, to get the real talent and assure the success of their most strategic projects.



New Office in Germany

NextCollaboration will start a new office in Germany in 2020.


NextCollaboration to start new web page

The new web page of NextCollaboration gives you a new access to the Talenpool.


NextCollaboration office Spain

Paris 199,
08036 Barcelona


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NextCollaboration office Ireland

Office 6F, Unit 6
KCR Business Estate Kimmage,
Dublin 12

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